Tubing Tutorials

Tutorials on Tubing

I have created these tutorials for the purpose of guiding those interested in learning the tubing process.
I hope that you find this information helpful and that it might shed some light on how it's all done.

My recommendations for tubing include the use of a tablet, like a Wacom or similar. Tubing with a mouse is not impossible, but difficult to do any precise work, and it's extremely hard on your hands and arms in general.

The tutorials are in PDF format, and are hosted on Mediafire.

Contact me with any questions.
I am willing to help with any of the material I provide here.

Regarding these lessons.
If you plan on working through them all, I suggest that you start at the beginning,
as one technique needs to be learned before proceeding with the next.

Tubing Basics:

Lesson 1A - BKG Removal
Lesson 1B - BKG Removal - Alignment Problems
Lesson 1C - BCK Removal - Smudging
Lesson 1D - BCK Removal - Outlining
Lesson 2 - Misting
Lesson 3 - Round and Elliptical Objects

Advanced Tubing:

Lesson 4 - Making Transparencies
Lesson 5 - Lace & Whiskers
Lesson 6 - Working with Hair


Tip 1Utilizing Adjustment Layers
Tip 2 - Creating sheep wool, toon fashion
Tip 3 - Shading



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